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Mindfulness and Meditation

Continuation Sessions

This is the site for the u3a Continuation sessions Mindfulness and Meditation.   To join these sessions go to  u3a Trust Online Learning Events

There are currently two pages - use the drop-down menu to access them

Here is a summary of the themes we have covered:

2023 2024

1   Triple-Ten 12  Changing Habits

2  Joy, Savouring and Awe 13 Beginner's Mind

3  Loving Kindness and Compassion 14 Informal Mindfulness

4  Purpose and Meaning 15 The Four Immeasurables

5  Perspective and Gratitude 16 The Spiral and the Web of Life

6  Continuation of Practice 17 Awe

7  From Negative to Positive

8  Attention and Awareness

9  Connecting with Nature

10 Addressing Fears and Loneliness

11 Inwards and Outwards

Please go to the u3a Series page on this website for more details on the next six-part series on Mindfulness and Meditation.